Tony Hughes Self Defence Tactics Seminar 

We have been very lucky to have welcomed Tony Hughes to our Taekwondo Club in Northampton and teach my students self defence. 
Tony is a full time London Firefighter and he has been training since 1984. 
His journey began by training in Shotokan Karate under the late Sensei Pauline Bindra and he continued to do so until 1991, unfortunately with moving away and his working it meant that he had to take a hiatus from training. 
In 1997 he began training again in Kempo - Jujitsu under Hanshi Peter Browne and did so until 2006 when he started to take an interest in the Israeli fighting and self defence systems such as Krav Maga and this is when KSCKM was born. 
They initially began teaching Krav Maga and as their school developed they began to introduce other self defence methods and systems that they became involved with. 
Tony is very passionate about teaching and training and continues to study and train under a handful of world renowned Instructors to further his own knowledge. He is constantly evolving their very own "Street Defence Tactics" system which draws some of its principles and concepts of some of the systems Tony has trained and continue to trains in. 
"Street Defence Tactics" 
A self protection system that's easy to learn and deals with the kind of threats and attacks likely to be encountered on the street. Students are first taught the soft skills ie how to recognise early signs of a potential threat or imminent attack and how to best deal with these in an assertive and effective manner. They are also taught the hard skills ie striking and impact development, escapes from holds and grabs from standing and on the ground, plus defensive tactics for dealing with street weapons. 
Contact Details for Tony 
Telephone: 07957 185338 
Please below videos that have been taken while Stephen was instructing my students. 
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