Personal Training for Cancer Rehabilitation, Northampton 

Are you, or have you recently been, undergoing treatment for cancer? 

This can be a dreadfully traumatic time and affect you adversely in so many ways. Of course, there are many different forms of cancer, each of which can attack the body in different ways. What they have in common is the stress, both mental and physical, that they cause. 
One of the most upsetting aspects of cancer is the feeling of not being in control - the feeling that something in your body has taken over. But the news isn’t all bad. Research increasingly shows that there are elements of treatment and potential recovery over which you can have control - your overall level of physical condition. The healthier we are, both physically and mentally, the greater chance we have of successful treatment. Living a healthier lifestyle can, in some ways, even help prevent cancer from developing. 
Cancer treatment can be exhausting, leaving you feeling drained and demotivated. Exercise can dramatically reduce these feelings. When you’re in remission, exercise can help build up the body and mind, enabling you to live an active lifestyle and get you back to enjoying the life you deserve. 
Exercise will help improve your cardiovascular system, your heart will perform better, which in turn will improve your blood flow. 
If you’re being treated for cancer, the exercise you take needs to be carefully monitored. Too intense or vigorous and exercise can impede the immune system from doing its job. The body will focus on improving the damage done to the body by exercise, rather than allowing the immune system to function correctly. 
I have undertaken Level 4 training in Cancer Rehabilitation and can help you prepare for treatment and recovery. 
"After my Husband's chemotherapy, he needed motivation to help him with his walking and balance. Andy was recommended and really helped and encouraged him to exercise and regain thee skills.  
I have recommended Andy to others who have benefitted from his support and motivation." 
Mrs W, Northampton 

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Personal Training Level 4 Certificate in Cancer Rehabilitation
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