After a few training sessions with Andy I talked to him about this and he took me on a couple of bike rides. I enjoyed them and wanted to pursue them but my bike wasn't up to much. He arranged for me to go to Phil Corley's Cycles in Milton Keynes. They were brilliant. I was measured from head to toe and fingertip to fingertip and had a bike fitted to me in a few days. 
They made sure I had everything I needed and gave lots of advice and help with everything. Andy came with me to make sure I was happy and understood everything (I didn't know anything about bikes). I have now completed a few triathlons this year and am heading back to Corley's for more kit and a bike service. I would definitely recommend Andy's package with them. Together they've helped me enter into a whole new sport. 
Kay, Northants. 
It has been tough! Andy's been tough! However his coaching style gets the most out of you. I always feel afterwards like I have trained pretty hard and often it is a struggle to walk out of his gym. However it makes me feel good and it gives me a buzz knowing that I have undertaken a hard session. Andy tailors the training to meet my special needs and this is appreciated. 
I would recommend that anyone who wants to improve their health, wellbeing and general fitness speak to Andy. 
Kevin Jones, Managing Director 
she ltd 
The 1 hour sessions were packed full of new ways for him to keep and improve his fitness and although he looked like a "ribena berry" when finished, Joseph really looked forward to each session with you. 
Joseph went back to training last week and found he was full of energy and some of the exercises he use to find impossible were now achievable. 
Thanks again for all your help. 
Christine Newman 
The Graduate 
When I started my training I was still on my crutches and you also showed an interest in my physio work at the hospital by coming along with me to see how I worked with the physio and you did this in your own time. I look back to where I started with you and I thank you very much for where you have got me in the 8 weeks since I have known you, from throwing a tennis ball on my crutches to running a lap of the local park. I highly recommend Andy Jackson as a top personal trainer especially as he makes his sessions hard but enjoyable as you will leave in pain but also with a smile on your face. For that I will be using you when I'm on leave from the Army. 
Thank you very much 
Milosh Uzelac 
I have lost some weight, and improved my level of fitness considerably since I started, although I have not been able to attend as often as I would like due to my work. I find the sessions taxing but enjoyable, and well-matched to my 57 years. However, I must admit to occasionally wishing you would drop your chin a little during the boxing! I have now got on my push bike again, and look forward to restarting Tae Kwon Do. 
Many thanks for your persistence. 
Dr TJ White 
M.A.(hons).cantab., M.B., B.Chir., D.C.H., D.M.J.(clin)., D.R.C.O.G., M.R.C.G.P., M.F.F.LM. Section 12 approved under M.H.A. (1983) General Practitioner and Forensic Physician Civilian Practitioner to Territorial Army (118 Rec Coy REME V) 
Seeing him twice a week made me more determined than ever to loose my weight, and that's exactly what happened week after week I was loosing weight because Andy was pushing me to my limits in our sessions and with weekly weigh in's as i did not want to let Andy or myself down. When I came on board with Andy, my starting weight was 142kg (22.3 stone) and currently now stand at 111kg (17.4 stone) giving me a weight loss of 31kg (4.8 stone) in nine months. He really has changed my attitude towards exercise by making it fun yet hard. I owe Andy so much as I feel without his hard work and determination to keep me motivated I would not be in the place i am now. 
If your looking to get fit, loose weight or want to exercise without being bored out of your mind then Andy's your man! I really do have a great laugh in our sessions even though he often enjoys the amount of pain he puts me through! Thank you so much Andy! 
James Allen 
Your training is simple, yet highly effective and at the same time fun and enjoyable. In fact as you know, Mieke my wife has also joined your 1-1 sessions. 
Thanks once again for making training and getting fit an enjoyable experience. 
Keith Kruger, Director 
KpK Associates 
you have actually help him along his path to take his first steps, he seemed to really enjoy his time with you, absolutely amazing and inspirational. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, your service is brilliant. 
Adrian Haynes 
A&M Services 
I have been attending weekly for nearly a year now and my general health and fitness has improved significantly. An unexpected but positive side effect of training with you has been that I no longer have to see a chiropractor on a regular basis for a back injury I received over 10 years ago. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your services. 
Yours sincerely 
Neil R. Barrett 
Managing Director 
Keba Computer Services Ltd 
Testimonial for Personal Trainer, Northampton
but the way in which you planned my training sessions I found I could control my need for insulin a lot better and train hard for the full hour. Since starting training with you, my blood pressure has reduced to a healthy level, I have lost a stone and a half in weight and reduced my BMI by 4 percent. 
You gave me the boost I needed to get playing rugby again after 16 years out of it, and no matter how damaged I felt on a Tuesday after a game you still gave me a hard time for the full hour. As you know I would like to say how you have improved my self esteem but I was a confident git before I started training. 
You have improved my life, and I am truly grateful. 
Scott Pagano, 
My sister lives in London but was visiting Milton Keynes on Friday 20th May. Added to that she is off to the States this week for 2 weeks so time was limited!! Anyway, I dug out my old business cards and contacted Andy as I remembered he also did sports massage. He fitted us in for an appointment on the Friday and was able to diagnose the problem and give various options to my sister as to how best to treat the problem. 
The biggest learning from the experience was Andy's stance of "you need to be fit to run" as my sister had started a running program but her old injury had not healed and the running had triggered it off again. 
Andy was a real inspiration to me that day and his customer service skills are second to none. He was professional, friendly, honest and informative. Due to the distance involved for my sister, she may not be in a position to visit him again or regularly, but I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who may need or want sports massage. Or indeed anyone who wants to get fit - I get the impression he would have no excuses from you and would push you to your limits!! 
Thanks for your time Andy and for your help and if anyone is looking for a personal trainer, give this man a call!! 
Philomena Connelly 
Shaping Homes 
After going to the gym for over 8 years I had become bored with the same old routine. I had been put off approaching a personal trainer at my gym and it wasn't until I got to know you through our 3 hour one to one at BNI that I wanted to try your services. From our initial consultation you understood what I was looking to achieve and developed an excellent fitness program that changes weekly, stops me getting bored and has maximum effect. 
I can honestly say I really look forward to my training sessions with you and would definitely recommend your services to my clients, friends and family. 
Kind Regards 
Christine Newman 
If your looking for a Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes or Taekwondo Classes in Northampton please call me on 07854 701385 
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  Andy Jackson, Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes and Taekwondo classes in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

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