Personal Training for Neurological Conditions, Northampton 

Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive functioning, but are you aware of exactly how much? 
Physical activity improves memory and learning 
Activates different parts of the brain and increases alertness, energy and concentration. 
Increases the number of neurotransmitters which accelerates information processing. 
Reduces stress hormones 
As a direct outcome of regular exercise, your brains storing and processing of information is improved, decreasing the risk of diseases such as dementia. 

Exercising your brain is more important than you realise 

Your brain requires nurturing just like any part of your body, which is why it is important to find the right routine for you as an individual. 
Together we will carefully design and develop a plan that is tailored to your needs, focusing on what benefits and works for you. 

Do you suffer from a neurological condition? 

Benefits of Exercise for MS 

Some of the symptoms of this condition are fatigue, muscle stiffness and problems with concentration. 
This can make it difficult to go about your daily life, but with the help of exercise, these are some of the benefits- 
Improve quality of life 
Improve mobility 
Reduces the risk of complications 
Improves balance 

Benefits of Exercise for Stroke Victims 

Common ways a stroke can affect your way of living are that it causes confusion, numbness in the face, arm or leg and trouble walking. 
With the help of a regular routine of exercise, these are just some of the ways that your life can be improved- 
Improves cognitive functioning 
Improves blood flow 
Improves strength and co-ordination 
Reduces muscle stiffness and pain 

Benefits of Exercise for Parkinson’s 

This condition can cause balance problems, muscle stiffness and bradykinesia which is slowness of movement. 
Listed below are just a few of the ways that a well-planned exercise routine can help you with this condition- 
Reduce and improve motor symptoms 
Improve Bradykinesia 
Postural instability 
Improve gait disturbances 
Working together, we will find the right exercise plan for you to ensure that you are living your best life. 
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