Personal Training for Lower Back Pain, Northampton 

Do you have a job and lifestyle that involves sitting down? 

Do you find yourself moving from bed to the breakfast table, to the car, to the desk, where you sit hunched over a computer? Then it’s back to the car and the dinner table before ending the day lying on the sofa. Or maybe your work is physical, and you have to do a fair bit of lifting. This could be anything from warehouse work to nursing. 
For so many of us, our way of life is counter-productive to how our bodies were designed to move and to perform. The result? Unexpected, uncomfortable back pain. And of course, this can just as easily affect our mental well-being, just making the situation worse. 
We’ll follow a carefully designed exercise programme, focused on strengthening the core and connecting muscle groups. This will help mobilise and strengthen your body and get you moving more freely and more efficiently. 
Find out how our carefully designed exercise program can work wonders for your lower back pain. 
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Personal Training Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain
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