Personal Training for Functional Strength, Movement & Flexibility, Northampton 

Your body represents an astonishing feat of natural engineering - capable of amazing things, often far more than you might realise. It can lift, twist and move in ways you might not believe … if only you gave it the chance. 

As children, we move at our best and spend our days running and jumping. Then, somewhere along the line, we become sedentary, less bothered about physical activity, and gradually, everything starts to seize up. We lose muscle tone. In short, we grow older … way before our time. 
Is it ever too late to change? 
You can guess the answer. No. 
With my guidance and your will power, you can turn things around - slowly but surely re-awakening your joints and muscles, reviving and enjoying the natural strength, flexibility and mobility you were born with. Using a selective, measured programme of exercises, you can improve your overall conditioning in ways you’d never believe possible. 
In brief - you can be alive again. 

Find out more about improving your Strength, Movement and Flexibility. 

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  Andy Jackson, Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes and Taekwondo classes in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

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