Self Defence Workshops 

Unfortunately, I am no longer offer Self Defence Workshops 
I offer Self Defence Workshops at my studio in Northampton on a regular basis and they are open to anyone to attend. 
I wanted to be able to offer a effective and easily learnt self defence workshops, no-one knows how they will react if they find themselves in a situation where they need to defend themselves and a lot of self defence that is taught can be too complex that if you did need to use it, it would not be practical. I have trained under a number of different instructors, which allows me to take the best of all the different styles and incorporate it into one, but the main part of the session is The Approach Self Protection Method by Eddie Quinn. 
Self Defence is also not just about the physical side of defending yourself, it is also about verbal self defence, understanding what is reasonable force and also recognising whether to fight or flight. 
Self Defence Workshops Northampton
The Approach Qualified Level 2 Instructor (one of only three in the world.) 
Level 3 BTEC Self Defence Instruction 
Level 3 BTEC Conflict Management 
KEWAP Senior Instructor 
Level 1 Silat Fitrah 
“I wanted to learn a system of self-defence in a short period of time - 3 months. I also didn’t have the ability to maintain a long term commitment that would be required learning a martial art. 
Andy and the Approach provided the perfect answer. From the very outset, the Approach teaches a simple and practical system of self-defence. Anyone could learn it. Andy is a first class instructor - knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I would recommend Andy and the Approach to anyone.” Michael 
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