Fitness Classes, Northampton 

Have you noticed that all the local fitness classes are the same? They are either a bootcamp, which is usually outside or a branded chain of exercise like Les Mills, Absolute Abs and other fitness classes that can all sound rather daunting. 

Which is why I offer a fitness class that is different to the standard local classes. 

Every Monday morning from 6.30am – 7.20am, I hold a functional movement class at my premises in Moulton Park, Northampton. This class is designed to set you up ready for the week at work and finishes in enough time for you to go home and get ready for work. 
The reason that this class is different to most fitness or exercise classes is that I am different to most personal trainers. I focus on improving your flexibility, improving your mobility which in turn will enhance your lifestyle. 
My aim is for you to move better and feel better and this fitness class is about improving your functional movement. 

What is a Functional Movement Class? 

As children and teenagers, we moved very freely, no aches and pains and we had increased flexibility and movement. But as we move into adulthood and start working we are often confined to a desk all day, or are sat in a car a lot, or even if you have a manual trade, you do find that your movement patterns are very repetitive, so you are usually moving in the same way all the time. 
The problem with this is as we get older our body starts to stop working as well as it used to, like getting up after sitting or kneeling on the floor. 
Fitness Classes Northampton
My fitness classes are designed to improve your flexibility and your mobility and as such improve your movements. This is achieved by stretching, using your own body weight for training and some equipment like a kettlebell. Unlike normal classes, each fitness class is different, and you will all develop together. 
I only allow a maximum of 10 people to attend a class, so that I can focus on everyone and ensure that if you are unable to perform an exercise then I will give you a regressed version, in other words easier. You won’t leave the class feeling broken and exhausted, you will feel energised and ready to start the working week. 
If you are looking for a weekly fitness class, that is different to the rest, then contact me today. 
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  Andy Jackson, Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes and Taekwondo classes in Northampton and surrounding areas. 

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