Each week I will be writing a blog post about personal training and fitness, but they are not the usual type of blog posts that you see written by personal trainers.  
They are short posts written by me each week and my aim is to maybe make you smile, hopefully make you think and definitely impart some knowledge to you. 
I will be giving easy challenges each week of something that you can try at home, you will not need expensive or big pieces of kit and they are aimed at anyone regardless of your fitness levels. 
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Will You Be Indulging This Year? 

It’s that time of year again HoHoHo so I’d like to wish everybody a very happy Christmas. 
We all know that we over indulge ourselves over the festive period and why shouldn’t we, but how often do we do this to the point that we feel uncomfortable in ourselves which can ruin the day if not days afterwards. 
I always get people saying to me, “come January you’ll be very busy with all the new year resolutions” but funnily enough in the 10 years I have been a personal trainer I’ve never experienced a sudden surge in January. However, January is a busy month for me but that is due to new clients signing up in the weeks coming up to Christmas, which happens every year and I have no idea of the reasons for this. 
I do work over the Christmas period which allows my clients and students to train over the Festive period which helps them to feel better in themselves while still enjoying the festivities and over indulging. 
So what are your plans over Christmas? and is it possible for you to fit some form of physical activity in to help improve how you feel. With this mild weather about its an ideal time to go for a walk around your local park or even better if you can access a country park, as I find it’s got a little bit more to it than a town park, but both are lovely to get about in especially if you go with your family. Remember to wear the right foot wear and clothing as it can get a bit muddy in places and if it rains remember your skin is water proof. 

Fitness Challenge 4  

So how did you get on with this week’s challenge or did you even do it? 
For this week try the one leg stand again but this time do it in front of the wall and using the tennis ball throw it at wall whilst standing on one leg, say 10 throws each leg but you need to do a least 3 sets and mix it up with the previous challenges I’ve given you, use your imagination and remember enjoy it. 

How's Your Balance? 

The plank is a great exercise to do and many people challenge themselves on how long they can hold it for, which is great but did you ever consider standing on one leg? 
In my opinion this can be greatly under estimated and over looked especially if you’re not in great condition. 
I find it a great starting point with new clients as it can show me the integrity in their ankle, knee and also pelvic strength. Dynamic Stability is defined as the ability to keep all working joints in alignment during any given movement ie walking, running or climbing the stairs. I spend a lot of time seeing clients who are very much out of alignment when they start training with me and if corrections are not made to their posture and strength then serious injuries can occur, this can also be a catalyst for not continuing any training programme. 

Fitness Challenge 3  

So this week’s challenge is to practise standing on one leg. I usually go for 30 seconds on each leg, try with trainers on first and if you find that is easy then try in your bare feet, which is not so easy. 
It is important to keep the foot you are standing on straight, also try not to tilt the pelvis as this would be a negative in the integrity of the exercise 
This can be challenged even further by raising the leg in front of you at a 90-degree angle this will also work your quads. 
If you add each week’s challenges together you can even make a short workout. 

Why is the floor so far away? 

As children we spend a lot of time on the floor. Crawling around playing, watching the TV, hiding and lots of other things but always on the floor and we do this quite naturally. 
However, as we get older we tend to spend less and less time on the floor to the point we just can’t remember when the last time was that we ventured down there. We even end up calling upon the help of the younger generation to pick things up or to clean things and any other reasons that crops up that involves the floor. 
Suddenly the time comes for us to have to venture back there again and it’s an almighty task “What happened there?” “Oh my poor body” and as we get older and into old age it’s no longer possible and if we fall then we have also lost the strength and capability to get back up again. 
I like to include getting down on the floor into a kneeling position or even lying down and get back up again into some of my client’s sessions as some can find it quite difficult especially with flexibility, this would normally be 5 -10 times in sets of 3 depending on the client. People who suffer with low blood pressure may experience dizziness and those that suffer with high blood pressure may find it over exerting so these clients need to be monitored during these exercises. 

How did you get on with last week’s challenge? 

Challenge 2 
For this week’s Challenge you still only need a wall and a tennis ball. Stand on one leg with other leg raised in front of you at a 90 degree angle and throw the tennis ball against the wall so it comes back to you, do this 10 times and then change legs, and try not to fall over 
Enjoy and see how you feel afterwards. 

Exercise can be fun! Where's that tennis ball! 

You may realise the benefits of exercise and know you should really do something but feel you just don’t have time. 
Just 10 minutes either once or twice a day will add up. 
10 mins a day =1hr 10 minutes a week 
10 mins morning & evening every day = 2hrs 20 minutes a week 
• Most people only train 2 hours a week and if you look at each hour spent training how much is actually training???. 
• Do you need to be a member of a gym, the answer is No. 
• Do you need any expensive gym kit, the answer is No. 

Here is a Challenge for you and all you need is a tennis ball and a wall. 

Challenge 1 
Throw the ball against the wall for 10 mins and get the ball to move you about ie catching it a various different places and distances even bending down to pick it up is beneficial. Just keep it controlled and try not to trip over your feet. 
Enjoy and see how you feel afterwards. 
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